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Steve Webb Proposes Challenge to Fellow Ward One Candidates: “Will You Be Transparent?”

Calgary, AB, October 10, 2021 - Steve Webb, a candidate for Ward One in the upcoming Calgary Municipal election has issued a challenge to fellow candidates: “Disclose your campaign donor sources! Transparency is key in good governance.  Some candidates are being backed by big money unions and third-party advertisers.  Calgarians deserve to know who’s financing the candidates in this election.”

Below is a copy of the e-mail sent early this morning to each of the nine Ward One candidates.  At the time of issue, four of the nine recipients, including Steve, have disclosed their donor list in its entirety.  Thank you to Jacob McGregor, Shauna Sears, and Tom Antonick for immediately rising to the challenge.  Your timely demonstration of transparency to our residents is acknowledged and appreciated!

Good morning fellow candidates,

I hope this message finds you well and you're enjoying the holiday weekend with your families.
One of my campaign pillars in this municipal election deals with transparency. It is in this effort that I pose a challenge to all candidates.  Disclose your campaign donor sources!  
Transparency is key in good governance.  Some candidates are being backed by big money unions and third-party advertisers.  Calgarians deserve to know who is paying for this election.
I ask all fellow candidates to release your donor list as I have mine.  Those candidates who pledge transparency to our Ward One residents should do the same.  Our residents deserve to know who acknowledges this challenge and who does not. 
Please submit your answers by 8 am on Wednesday, Oct 13th. We will be releasing the results across multiple platforms and media outlets on Thursday Oct. 14th. This request is about showing the residents of Ward One if you truly believe in transparent governance.
Here is our complete, unedited list of donors. We have kept their family names out of the disclosure for privacy, but they will be released after election day. We are so appreciative of their financial support!  We owe our success to these grass-roots donors. 

Gail in Royal Oak $ 100.00
Roger from Ward 7 $500.00
Louise from Silver Springs $250.00
Chad from Silver Springs $50.00
Family Friends of Steve $200.00
Steve's family member $100.00
Jonathan from Ward 7 $300.00
Rod from Rocky Ridge $50.00
Brent from Ward 9 $1000.00
Yvonne from Varsity $100.00
Gary from Tuscany $50.00
Daniel from Ward 11 $250.00
Michael from Valley Ridge $100.00
Marina in Ward 11 $250.00
Peter in Varsity $2000.00
Katherine from Ward 13 $50.00
Jennifer in Scenic Acres $100.00
Steve's childhood friend $100.00
Matthew from Ward 11 $25.00
Kirsten from Varsity $90.00
Jerry from Tuscany $ $25.00
Ken from Ward 2 $250.00
Grant from Valley Ridge $200.00
K from Silver Springs $25.00
Barb from Silver Springs $100.00
Rod from Rocky Ridge $25.00

Please 'reply all' to your submissions and thank you in advance to those of you who support transparency. 


Steve Webb


For more information, please call or text 403-390-8317.


Steve Addresses Rumours: Double Vaccinated and Resides Ward One! Here are the Facts.

With advance polling stations open and the pending election date of October 18th, the ‘other side’ must be getting nervous! We are sharing the vaccine records for Steve Webb, proud to report he was one of the first in the healthy 40+ age group to receive his initial dose in Calgary. Note the record of the second shot and corresponding date in the attached official record.

Rumours have been hitting the Steve Webb campaign team citing that Steve is an ‘anti-vaxxer’ and not a resident of Ward One. This ‘other side’ are resorting to smear tactic and lies. These reactions to our campaign success will not discourage us! We are a transparent, grassroots funded, volunteer-based team who will listen to all residents’ concerns and provide timely, fact-based responses.

Steve Webb lives in Scenic Acres; you can visit him at 108 Scenic Hill Close where his son, wife and he reside. Steve Webb has received both mRNA vaccinations for COVID-19; the second dose, June 24th, 2021.




      • Restore Good Governance.  Steve Webb will govern with integrity and common sense.
      • Champion Fiscal Responsibility.  Steve Webb will be responsible with every tax dollar, create a plan to help restore jobs and the economy in Calgary, and will make it easier for Calgarians to do business in city hall.
      • Listen to Ward One Residents.  Steve Webb will work with the residents of our community to establish working advisory committees, bringing a consultative approach and collaborative voice to city hall.

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Hard Worker, Entrepreneurial, Community Focused


  • In the past decade, Calgary has seen taxes rise at a much faster pace than population growth. I will bring value and accountability when it comes to responsibly spending your hard earned tax dollars.
  • As a successful Calgary business owner, I use common sense every day. City Hall has failed Calgarians with a total lack of common sense on many serious issues.
    - The LRT Green Line, Defund the Police, the Bowfort Towers Sculpture.
  • Ward One residents have told me that we need to resolve the disconnect between City Hall and the community when it comes to the flood mitigation berm. I will get to the bottom of this issue.
  • Local businesses have suffered in recent years and City Hall can do much more to help them. The city should provide support, not barriers for Calgary companies.






Steve is devoted to his beautiful wife Karen and his 8 year old son Jackson who encourage and support his bid for City Council.


School council president, coaching in the community, and nationally recognized volunteer for the "Neighbours Helping Neighbours" Covid volunteer initiative.


From continued support for the printing of "Safety Book For Children" and "Drug Facts for Kids" in Alberta periodicals, to donating to Plan Canada to advance children's rights and the equality of girls in Africa, Steve is committed to helping those less fortunate here in Calgary and around the world.

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Born and raised Calgarian - Active community member - 20 years in Calgary business




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