Rocky Ridge Community Endorsement

Ward One needs a Counsellor that will advocate, support, and engage with their constituents. Someone who is not afraid to stand up for the residents rights and ensure that Ward One will be the best it can be. Steve Webb is exactly that kind of person and has grass roots grit and is determined to actually help and make a positive change and difference.

Steve Webb displayed these traits when we first heard about him in early 2021 by helping support residents dealing with the issues their communities faced by the 12 Mile Coulee expansion development proposal. Based on those residents positive references of his engagement and support he had for them, when our community Rocky Ridge came to find that our HOA Rocky Ridge Ranch Home Owners Association (RRRHA) signed a contract with Freedom Mobile to erect a cell tower on their property (a property where children and families go every day, not to mention the tower would be with 75m of a senior facility which is against city recommendations) without community input or member engagement prior to signing, we reached out to Steve Webb, and he was more than willing to hear our concerns, and wanted to really know  all the issues in Ward One communities, both big and small.

Steve Webb made efforts to communicate with our HOA board, the City of Calgary, Provincial MP Pat Kelly, and additionally went to the Federal Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development of these concerns, and advocate for Ward One residents. It should be noted, out of all the political figures we sent our concerns to requesting support and advice, (including our current Counsellor, Ward Sutherland and other Ward One Candidates) Steve Webb was the ONLY person that replied to us and committed to help and gave us his time and effort to assist us. Throughout the whole process he remained engaged, communicated with us personally and advised us of the steps he was taking to help us. Further, he even invited and took the time to meet a few of us in the community for coffee on more than one occasion, to discuss these concerns, which we haven’t had that opportunity from the current Counsellor or potential candidate before.

Most importantly, Steve Webb has been helping us since early 2021, months before he confirmed his candidacy for running for Ward One Counsellor. We are certain that if Steve Webb can display that amount of support, advocacy, and efforts for residents of Ward One before and during his candidacy for Counsellor, if he is given the opportunity to be our Counsellor he will be able to achieve much more. Steve Webb is still supporting us and we have no doubt that he will be able to have the ability to take on the issues in Ward One and get this Ward the economic, financial, and social needs to ensure success.

Steve Webb has built strong relationships with members of our community while continuing to be honest, committed, engaged and meeting us at a personal level. Steve Webb would be a strong and amazing Counsellor and serve as the future voice of Ward One to the City of Calgary. He will be getting our vote.

——-Signed, Community Members of Rocky Ridge*******