The Three Pillars

  • Restoring better governance.
  • Responsible spending
  • Opening an ear to city hall


1. Restoring Better Governance.

I want Calgarians to trust their leaders again! I want people's faith in governance restored! I will commit to the pursuit of transparent, accountable governance. I want to have representation from City Council back on the Enmax board. I want to see fewer closed-door meetings because I want the community involved at the planning stage, not the approval stage. I want councillors' votes and more importantly their reasoning behind their decisions available online to Calgarians. I want Ward One residents to see my votes and know why I make them based on the input I get from my advisory committees made up of Ward One residents and the town hall meetings I'll host. I will insist that the ethics commissioner be voted in by a body other than the City Council. We need a real, accountable government for Ward One.

I will also ensure we support our vulnerable citizens and those in need in these tumultuous times. In my life, I've never seen a time where residents need accountability MORE from their municipality to help bring back business, jobs and ensure those experiencing hard times are supported.

I will push to bring city hall back to the people who own it: The citizens of Calgary and Ward One.

We need better governance on how our green spaces and parks are maintained and enhanced. We should be embracing, not selling our green space. We should be improving our sustainability programs and ensuring we are working with all stakeholders to protect our Bow Valley corridor that is a pride of Ward One. I lived in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park for 8 years working for my father and I understand the need to preserve our backyard and our front yard for future generations and our own physical and mental well-being.    


2. Responsible Spending

I want to institute a 3 year increased spending freeze at City Hall, including Councillor salaries. This would be to say we would match last year's budget for the upcoming 2022 budget, except the city doesn't have an annual budget. This is another problem I want to fix. This city is a world-class city. It's time we had an annual budget so we can implement measures for the success of our programs. As Benjamin Franklin said, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." 

During our three-year freeze, I intend to do a deep dive into city books to see where we can find efficiencies and increased productivity to save Calgarians from more increased taxes. We need to review all Calgary-owned businesses and partnerships to ensure Calgarians are getting good value from their tax dollars.

It's been far too long since there's been an audit of our cities operations and during these economically unsure times, we need to ensure all Calgarians are getting the value and level of service they deserve.  

My intent is to maintain or improve this city's services with no increases in taxes. It will take a lot of work, but I'm not afraid of hard work. My 20 years of running a small business has taught me never to shy away from a challenge.


3. Opening an ear to City Hall

I've participated in many public hearings at City Council. I most recently spoke at the PUD meeting for the Guidebook For Great Communities. I pleaded with Council to delay the decision or allow another round of community-driven amendments to the document being approved. I listened to nearly 20 hours of opposition over three days on this topic at City Hall. Despite X-planners, Community presidents, and numerous community leaders and residents pleading with the City Council, the complaints fell on deaf ears.

I commit to push for better engagement of the community by City Council and administration. There is a disconnect between City Hall and the citizens of Calgary. The only way we can bring citizen's voices back is to ensure that the Councilor of Ward One is fully engaged. I will create advisory committees made up of residents, business owners, local developers, parents, indigenous leaders, the youth community, and community leaders to ensure I hear the voices of the people of Ward One. Coupled with town halls, I commit to listening to my neighbours in Ward One. Every Day.